Tools -> Annotation

This allows you to place text and a lines anywhere on the chart. The positions are maintained in RA and Dec so they move and scale with the display. To create a new annotation entry, enter the desired text in the field at the top then tap New. The dialog will disappear. Tap and hold the stylus where you want to center the text, then drag and lift where you want the pointer line to end. To create lines without text, use an empty text field. To place text without lines, tap and immediately lift the stylus to create a 0-length line.

As each annotation is created it is added to the list, sorted by its text. To reposition an existing annotation, tap in the list to select it then tap Redo and proceed as with New. To delete an annotation, tap to select it then tap Del.

Each annotation entry may be temporarily hidden, rather than permanently deleted. To hide an entry, Tap on the list item to be hidden, then tap Hide. A hidden entry is marked with a leading pound (#) character. An entry may be restored by tapping it in the list, then tapping the Hide button to pop it back out.